01 January 2015

Again on-line

JBLArts is back online! Cameras have not been shelved, but our lives had new kinds of development... Did you know that a couple of babies can involve you nearly completely? And in the last years photography has not been the first business... but neither the last. Go to "Current projects" and have an idea of some of the last inspiration sources.

01 September 2008

"New Reflections" in Portfolio Gallery

The project of "Reflections" grows day by day. In the Portfolio section new fluttering images have been added. Go on wondering what they were over the water and what they look like at your eyes (comments are welcome!).

Three new galleries on line

Back from a long summer silence arrives a couple of recent works and an old one. Lavender scent cannot be put on-line, but imagine it looking at the July's photo of the violet Provence. Try to hear the notes of Angelo Branduardi (visit the official site www.angelobranduardi.it) looking at his performance in Padua of last June. And then back to November 2007 to see the incredible old cars of the London to Brighton annual race.

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26 June 2008

"Reflections" in Portfolio Gallery

The Portfolio section is no more under construction. Now there you can find a gallery of the "reflections" series: vanishing abstract images caught in rippling waters.

Three new galleries on line

Again Venice, and again London. These two places addict me. Here in everyday versions. Venice with his fish-market and with the washing hanged out, London with a really touching hidden park... Discover how the simplest things can be extraordinary.

5 May 2008

Three new galleries on line

We are fully in spring by now, so let me introduce you to three open-air galleries all from Italian regions! Gondolas: a trip in Venice discovering the details of these fascinating boats. Trauttmansdorff Gardens: splendid flowers just bloomed in the heart of Trentino. Fermignano's Palio of the Frog: directly from Marche a very original festival with the race of the frogs on wheelbarrows.

8 April 2008

Three new galleries on line

The virtual galleries have three new exhibitions: a funny and artistic show of artichokes at the Padua market (Italy), an interesting BW view of the amazing Breton Calvaires (France) and a stare to some new building in London (England), a city in continuous urban renewal.

4 March 2008

JBLarts shopping

The postcards of the "Printed Production" are now on sale in the candy shop in Padova (Veneto- Italy) in Via San Francesco 46 (but you can still ask for them by e-mail).

Two new galleries are now open!

The virtual galleries have two new exhibitions: a BW view of Le Puy En Velay (France) and a bright coloured tour in the island of Burano (Venice).

15 February 2008

Current projects and Services are now available!

In the "Current projects" section you can now see two special galleries: "Reflecting on reflections" and "Cow's life"

More, you can see which services I offer you and the new products you can request.

20 January 2008

Exhibitions opening!

The virtual galleries are on their vernissage!

We started with the in season "Carnival in Venice" and "Winter at the seaside", adding a glance to the "Elves Umbrellas".

10 January 2008

A new look for our site

Sorry, we have started to renew and expand our site and now much of the pages are UNDER CONSTRUCTION. As soon as possible we will realize these pages, and day after day we are going to publish them.

20 September 2007

Our Web-site is born

Hi! We are Lucia and Jvan and we had the idea of making a double-sided site as we always joined our single capability with good results. Lucia's creativity and Jvan's photography grew together during the years and now we want to show everybody this particular synergy and what came out of it. Enjoy!

Jvan photographer at the Fermignano's Palio, Italy - JBLArts photography

At the Fermignano's Palio

Jvan photographer face to face with a black cow - JBLArts photography

Face to Face

Jvan photographer at the Venice Carnival, Italy - JBLArts photography

JBL at the Venice Carnival