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Fermignano's Palio of the Frog

On the second Sunday after Easter in the town of Fermignano (Marche, Italy) you can assist to the Palio of the Frog. The festival starts in the morning with a parade of figurants in historical costumes leading the Palio, a church candle, some gift as wine and food and the basket carrying the frogs along the main road of the town. This procession arrives to the cathedral where a Mass is held to thank God and to bless the frogs which will be the leading actresses of the rest of the day.

After the Mass and after good libations (alas, in part also made with frogs) in the afternoon the race is held. Children take the frogs one by one from big glass bowls and gives them to the judges of the race. Judges put one frog on each wheelbarrow held from the participants of the race.

The race starts and the runners must arrive to the finishing line as fast as they can, but always with the frog seated on the wheelbarrow. The frogs not always are very collaborative and jump here and there and the contestants have to run after them and put them on again. If the frog gets hurt the contestant loose and must abandon the race.

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The Carrying of the Palio at the Fermignano's Palio of the Frog  - JBLArts photography

The Carrying of the Palio

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