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Calvaires Breton

Calvaries are monuments sculpted in granite. Always present is Christ on the Cross. Then was added the Virgin MAry and Saint John and usually the cross had a double-face with usually the Piety on the back. In the biggest Calvaries the story of Christ is told in scenes from the Annunciation, until the Resurrection, passing through all the passages of the Passion. In the peaceful countryside of Brittany you find Parish Enclosures which comprehend the church, the cemetery, a chapel and these concretions of sculptures instructing people on the Holy Story. Out of the gospel's tradition we find the soldiers in XVI-XVII century dresses, sometimes characterized with well known faces of the time. Another particular piece is the Descent to Hell, where usually is put Katell Gollet, the anti-Magdalen, a prostitute who never redeemed and is represented tormented by devils. The two robbers are often at the sides of the Cross and they have always on top the Angel (good robber) and the Devil (bad robber) with their souls in the arms.

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Celtic cross at Carnac, Brittany France  - JBLArts photography

Celtic cross, Carnac

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