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Some photographic gallery to rouse your curiosity, to see well-known or unfamiliar sights and events, to suggest unusual perspectives, to show aspects and details that are not always easy to catch.

All the images displayed in the site are available on demand in printed format of various sizes or in high resolution files.

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Lavender land: Provence, France - JBLArts photography

Lavandula Scent

July in Provence is the violet month, in which lavender is at its best and is cut by hands or machine to realize bouquet and essences. Here you have some shots.

Angelo Branduardi at Padua with L'Infinitamente Piccolo  - JBLArts photography

L'Infinitamente Piccolo

Last 20th June (2008) Angelo Branduardi performed the Infinatamente Piccolo and some of his "classics" in Padua, in the square in front of the Basilica of Saint Anthony. The best place to hear such marvellous music.

London to Brighton, Veteran Car Run of historical cars  - JBLArts photography

London to Brighton, Veteran Car Run

Each November the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run starts from Regent Street with an extraordinary show of historical cars.

Dentex fish on a cabbage leaf at the Pescheria of Rialto, the Venice sumptuous fish market- JBLArts photography

Yellow eye

At the foot of the Rialto Bridge in Venice a sumptuous fish market takes place daily. The fishmongers are famous for the variety of fishes and sea-animals they sell and for their artistic and technical skills in preparing and displaying their goods.

Washing be hanged out in Venice  - JBLArts photography

Hanging out

In Venice most of the houses have no garden or terrace where to hang out washing, so you can see all the wet wardrobe on ropes out of the windows and between one palace and the other, crossing calli and rii.

The Gate of Postmans Park in London  - JBLArts photography

Postmans Park

In a hidden corner of the big London there is a little magic park. The Postman Park reminds of all the everyday hero who died while saving someone from sure death. Take a minute to reflect upon these stories...

A squero, the gondola's boat-house in Venice - JBLArts photography


One of the best known symbols of Venice, gondolas have many aspects and particulars which not always are easy to see. Here are some aspects of this unique boat.

Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano,Trentino in Italy - JBLArts photography

Trauttmansdorff Gardens

The Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano (Trentino, Italy) presents to visitors 80 different kinds of gardens (12 hectares of extension). In this spring gallery its best flowers bloomed in April 2008.

The Carrying of the Palio at the Fermignano's Palio of the Frog  - JBLArts photography

Fermignano's Palio of the Frog

On the second Sunday after Easter in the town of Fermignano (Marche, Italy) you can assist to the Palio of the Frog. Here some relevant shots of the event.

Mamme romane, Artichokes - JBLArts photography


Artichokes are strange vegetables, looking like strange flowers. In Padua (Veneto, Italy), there is a market where they are prepared for cooking in a special way that make them look like a little artwork.

Celtic cross at Carnac, Brittany France  - JBLArts photography

Calvaires Bretons

In Brittany (France), there is a very uncommon kind of sculpture pieces: Calvaries. There are composed of just a cross or can have dozens of characters telling the history of Christ from the Annunciation until the Resurrection.

Steel and Glass building in London  - JBLArts photography

The City of Steel and Glass

There is not only the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London. The London Tower stand in a panorama full of bright new buildings all in glass, steel and concrete. Discover them!

Notre Dame and St-Michel d'Aiguilhe, Le Puy En Velay - France - JBLArts photography

Le Puy En Velay

In the heart of Auvergne (France), a town raised up in lava, with a splendid cathedral whose cloister is famous for its sculptures.

Paint over paint on a wall in Burano, Venice  - JBLArts photography

The Island full of Colours

A tour inside the island of Burano (Venice) where everything comes to life with brilliant colours.

An adrift log on the winter seaside - JBLArts photography

Winter at the Seaside

Ghosts of relics abandoned on the shore.

Pore mushrooms - JBLArts photography

Three pennies for a snail

Shy creatures creeping out from the under woods.

Reflection of a carnival mask in Venice - JBLArts photography

Venice Carnival

The magic of Venice in her best moment of the year.

Sunset in St. Marco's basin, Venice  - JBLArts photography

Under St. Marco's Wing

The gallery unveils all the thirteen images of the 2008 calender, still available in few copies.